V. Maldonado: Un Rinconcito En El Cielo

12 July - 27 August 2022

Mexican born artist, V. Maldonado returns to Froelick Gallery with a new exhibition of their immense acrylic on canvas paintings titled, Un Rinconcito En El CieloRanging from small works on paper to monumental sized paintings, this collection is a study of what makes up their Mexican family’s, slice of heaven.

Maldonado reminds us of their unique mark making with three abstract family portraits of their mother and two aunts’ that helped raise them. These three sisters are depicted in twisting lines, splattering silhouettes, electric gestures, and striking color. Maldonado’s practice is rooted in self-exploration, creative healing through deep reflection, and fostering an inclusive sense of community and history. At the core, Maldonado’s work is the acknowledgement of struggle and the mechanisms used to relieve struggle, even for just a moment. The monumental scale is Maldonado’s attempt to fill spaces that have so rarely included portraits of people like their family. They continue to express deeply personal aspects of their upbringing by challenging us to see past lines and allowing ourselves a deep dive into their imagination.