Joe Feddersen: Vital Signs

Vital Signs
Dobkins, Rebecca, Barbara Earl Thomas, and Gail Tremblay, 2008

"The Hallie Ford Museum of Art is pleased to present Joe Feddersen: Vital Signs. Intended to accompany an exhibition of the same name, the book chronicles the life and art of this highly regarded Native American artist whose work explores the intererelationships between urban place markers and indigenous landscapes. A printmaker, basket maker, and glass artist of tremendous skill and prowess, Feddersen combines contemporary materials with Native iconography to create powerful and evocative works."* 


*From the Preface by John Olbrantz, Maribeth Collins Director of the Hallie Ford Museum of Art



Table of Contents

  • John Olbrantz, “Preface”

  • Barbara Earl Thomas, “Introduction”

  • Rebecca J. Dobkins, “Joe Feddersen: Pulses and Patterns”

  • Gail Tremblay, “Speaking in a Language of Vital Signs”

  • Plates

  • Artist History

  • Selected Bibliography

  • Glossary of Printmaking Terms



127 pages