V. Maldonado

Un Rinconcito En El Cielo

An Exhibtion Catalogue


"My creative practice is rooted in self exploration, creative healing through deep reflection, and fostering an inclusive sense of community and history.

My studio work explores permeable bodies and landscapes. I am interested in critical engagement on a material level to make visible the invisible structures that shape us and to give form to the formless systems that oppress us. Un Rinconcito En El Cielo is my study of what makes up my Mexican-migrant family's slice of heaven.

Through abstract drawing and painting, I express deeply personal aspects of my upbringing, sense of belonging, and self identity by deploying color and line. I draw silhouettes around my subject matter to guide the viewer's gaze through a deep web of gestures. These works are an accumulation of palette and linear form all depicting how my imagination experiences the worlds I inhabit and traverse."

-V. Maldonado, 2022