Terrell James: Rouffignac


"The cave at Rouffignac, in central France, was discovered in historical times during the 18th century, rediscovered in the 20th, and continues to exert a strong fascination because of the many brilliant works of art on its walls and ceilings. Illustrating cosmological themes, as well as the beasts of prehistory, they are both a summation of early human genius and a font of artistic technique. As described in the accompanying essay by Allen R. Gee, these works serve Terrell James as both inspiration and legacy, and have helped bring forth a body of work. The paintings of her Rouffignac series are notable both for how they address contemporary themes, and for their affinities to the early art of places such as the Rouffignac Cave and the artistic mind they embody. "


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Rouffignac by Allen R. Gee

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