Joe Feddersen in Portland Art Museum Glass Exhibit

CCN: Not Fragile with Joe Feddersen

CCNA: Not Fragile

Portland Art Museum

1219 SW Park Avenue
Portland, OR 97205

SEP 1, 2018 - JUN 9, 2019


"Though often associated with delicacy, glass is forged through intense and violent forces-a meteorite impacting the earth, a nuclear bomb detonating, or a 2,000 °F crucible. Not Fragile features artists from across the Pacific Northwest who use glass in innovative ways to impart messages of strength, resilience, and insubordination. In this exhibition, artists underscore the power of traditional iconography, craft bold social statements, and reflect the beauty, vulnerability, and transformative power of glass.


"...Joe Feddersen's Aggressive Attitude (2018) blends traditional Plateau basket forms with a contemporary pattern derived from the markings of tires. These SUV patterns replace earlier depictions of the land like mountain or snake designs with the new marks left on earth. Feddersen (Okanogan/Arrow Lakes) is known for creating artworks strong in geometric patterns reflective of what is seen in the environment and his Native American heritage."

September 1, 2018