Oregonian's Spring Art Guide

includes upcoming exhibitions by Sarah Horowitz and Terrell James

The Oregonian's Spring Arts Guide includes Sarah Horowitz's upcoming exhibition "BLUE" (on view March 30 - May 29) and Terrell James' "Between Land and Water" (on view June 2 - July 10). To view the full guide, please see the link below. 


Artist mentions:


Sarah Horowitz: “BLUE”
 Sarah Horowitz’s solo show of woodcut prints and ink drawings take bare branches, pine boughs and blue dill seed heads as their subject in this solo show. Rendered in blue on white or white on blue, the cropped and close-in views of these collected pieces of nature evoke the stillness of a clear winter day.
On view: March 30-May 29, Froelick Gallery, 714 N.W. Davis St., froelickgallery.com or 503-222-1142
Terrell James: “Between Land and Water”

Houston based painter Terrell James has been working things out on paper. Her last show in Portland included large, powerful paintings whose earthy shapes and colors fairly reverberated. This smaller-scale work, which will be the basis of her solo show, gives her the opportunity to integrate delicate linework into the pieces while retaining vigorous areas of color. The mixed-media drawings incorporate combinations of graphite, colored pencil, ink, dye, watercolor, collage and paint, a laundry list of mediums that belies the light-handed effortlessness of the work.

On view: June 2-July 10, Froelick Gallery, 714 N.W. Davis St., froelickgallery.com or 503-222-1142

March 25, 2021