b. 1939 Grand Rapids, MI


Dirk Bach is an artist-scholar. His story-filled art has ranged from calligraphic abstractions, to cultural iconography, to brilliantly colored still lives, to personal visions cast against intricate patterns of grass, woven baskets, and oriental carpets. He has worked in almost every drawing and painting medium. He has been a professor of design and art history, an entertaining pianist, and an insatiable reader of books.


Bach holds B.F.A. and M.A. degrees in Painting from the University of Denver, and a M.A. degree in Art History from the University of Michigan where he focused on Asian art history, particularly Buddhist art and Chinese-scholar painting. Bach has exhibited throughout the country for over five decades, and his work is held in various private and public collections including the Denver Art Museum, Currier Museum of Art, Tucson Art Center, and the Rhode Island School of Design Museum.


He currently works and resides in a refurbished 19th c. townhome in Easton, PA where he shares a studio with his partner and fellow artist, Kay WalkingStick.