Multimedia, installation artist and storyteller, Willie Little was born in rural North Carolina and currently resides in Portland Oregon. Many of his works are rooted in the Southern traditions of North Carolina. Through his visual narratives, he documents a fading part of a rural lifestyle while also tackling topics such as Social Justice, Black Lives Matter, and how art helped him to overcome the marginalization as a gay black man in the rural south.


Willie received his B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has had solo exhibitions at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, and The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, the Pounder Kone’ Artspace in Los Angeles,and the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City. Notable group exhibitions have been at the Corcoran in Washington DC, the California Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles, and the SF MOMA Artist’s Gallery. Willie was also invited to participate in The Hourglass Project: Baggage, an internationally renown residency and exhibition program, which toured venues throughout South Africa, Belgium and Mozambique; the work is archived in a catalog published by Caversham Press. Most recently, he was awarded the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Black Lives Matter Grant, the Regional Arts & Culture Council Project Grant, and an Ash Street Project Ceramics Residency.


Little's work is a cultural testament to Southern rural traditions, family dynamics and it identifies with universal experiences that cross racial and socio-economic lines.