Convergence II

The Art Collection of the National Academy of Sciences


Science relies on the rational. Art celebrates the intuitive. Together they inform one another.

The second volume catalog of the art collection of the National Academy of Sciences illustrates by example how Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences' art exhibits and collection provide a platform for thinking about the impact of science on our society. Through a cultural and personal lens, the topics found in the collection range from diversity and equity to climate change and collaboration. This catalog contains beautiful reproductions of more than 30 original artworks from the National Academy of Sciences collection, including such artists as Tim Rollins and K.O.S., Mike and Doug Starn, Tavares Strachen, Neri Oxman, Camille Seaman, Diane Burko, Renée Stout, Alfredo Arreguín, Jeffrey Kent, David Maisel, and many more. Essays from leading scholars and curators are included that illuminate the work.



124 pages

9 x 11.5
ISBN: 978-0-309-27110-3