Kay WalkingStick

Paintings: 1974 - 1990

The exhibition, Kay WalkingStick - Painting: 1974-1990,  curated by Judy Collischan and presented at the Hillwood Art Museum at Long Island University from March 13-April 28, 1991, is accompanied by a 48-page softcover exhibition catalogue with essays by the artist and internationally-recognized art writer Holland Cotter. 

"This exhibition and cataloge are dedicated to Robert Michael Echols, who shared my thoughts, dreams, fears, doubts, joys, and paintings for 34 years. We met as students and grew to middle age in a flurry of years during which time we became the center of one another's lives. This exhibition represents only the last half of those years-- the more complex, interesting, and challenging half. Michael died on the morning of March 12, 1989. As I look at these paintings, his comments, encouragement and rigorous intelligence return to me. His is everywhere now for me, but most especially in these paintings." --Kay WalkingStick, March 1991

Item Specifications:

Softcover exhibition catalogue, 48 pages, 30 grayscale reproductions, 8 color reproductions

Published by the Hillwood Art Museum at Long Island University in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name presented at Hillwood Art Museum from March 13-April 28, 1991; August 31-November 17, 1991, Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona. 

Dimensions: 8 x 10 in

ISBN: 0-933699-20-4



  • Foreword by Thomas W. Leavitt, Director of the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University
  • "Kay WalkingStick" by Holland Cotter
  • Two Artist Statements by Kay WalkingStick
  • Selected Biography