Nat Meade in ArtMaze Magazine

Everyday Archetypes: In Studio with Nat Meade

Nat Meade was interviewed by Layla Leiman for ArtMaze Magazine's Summer Issue, 8. 


Bathed in warm light, the somnambulant bearded men that figure in Nat Meade's paintings appear revenant, but also ever so slightly ridiculous. Nat explains that he imagines these figures as off duty architypes, caught in a moment of down-time; smoking a cigarette, having a nap, or staring off into the middle distance. These characters are each slight iterations of the same benevolent fatherly figure, part Christ-like part surfer dad.


While Nat's artwork is figurative, interestingly, his process begins with abstract sketches experimenting with geometric forms. Through these trial and error drawings on paper, Nat develops the base forms that will become the facial features when reinterpreted in paint on canvas. For his color palette, Nat draws inspiration from the over-saturated films from the 70s.


Last year Nat presented two solo exhibitions including his first museum show, and recently attended a summer residency at the Siena Art Institute. We caught up with Nat to find out more about the bearded men in his work, his painting process, career, and more.


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August 22, 2018