A literary analysis of Katherine Ace's paintings

Read Midori Snyder's blog entry, "Katherine Ace: The Open-Ended Metaphor"

Storyteller Midori Snyder uses the structure of fairy tales to analyze Katherine Ace's paintings. 

 "I am interested in complex story telling using cultural myths and histories that reach back into our collective and personal pasts. Figures and still life figures evolve as open ended metaphors for concepts and environments that are themselves also metaphors, and therefore fold - like fabric, time, or paint - back in on themselves. Like a poem, a painting is a surface. The depth is in the surface (oddly). It sort of dawns on you - like the way one remembers a dream sometimes, in fragments that float up all through the day, assembling themselves oddly, disturbingly." -Katherine Ace

Immersed in the depths of the paint's story, Snyder reflects on Ace's statement: 


"I find this description compelling -- for it is in the story tellers performance, or the writer of fairy tales to create the same tension between the surface of the tale, and the dream-like, metaphorical journeys as real and fantastic collide in the stories, and that it is the experience itself -- dreamlike and disturbing that holds our fascination with the tales."




August 11, 2018