Emma Gerigscott: For The Love of Duck

11 October - 26 November 2022
In a world of chaos I am seeking earnestness.

FOR THE LOVE OF DUCK is a cry for when nothing else seems to fit. It is both truly for the love of animals and yet a sigh of exasperation. In a world of chaos I am seeking earnestness.


My work examines diffidence through narrative. I paint stories that are parables in essence, largely informed by soft moments such as the desire to touch feathers or fur––the mystery and infinity that exists in a sticky world––the in/between things that happen around our notable experiences. The limbs I depict are a complication of the animal forms; a symbol of both the desire to be loved existing parallel to the intrusion of care.


The materials I use are the result of my study of craft. The craft of the work is the result of the conversation between the really real (tangible, actual material) and dreaming (envisioning the future of the material, something outside of what currently exists). It is a triangulation of these forms that creates the specificity, playfulness, and narrative of my objects and paintings.


This exhibition was made possible with the financial assistance from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation.