Michael Schultheis: Dürer Moments in Breathing

19 October - 27 November 2021

Seattle-based artist Michael Schultheis returns to Froelick Gallery with his latest exhibition of mathematics-infused paintings, titled Dürer Moments in Breathing

In this series, Schultheis employs geometry and an expressive, abstract painting style to create visual representations of breath and the physical act of breathing in its numerous forms: restricted breath in moments of tension; deep breaths of relaxation; and playful, intentional breathing. Taken together, these form unique depictions of the span of one’s life; rather than a linear point-to-point timeline, Schultheis shows us an elegant epicycloid, a flowerlike form studied by Albrecht Dürer, created by a circle rolled around the outside edge of another circle, a circular passage of time accentuated by the petallike rising and falling of inhalation and exhalation. On lush, layered surfaces in a variety of blues, light plum-pinks and intense reds, these epicycloids mingle with other equations, geometric drawings, and looping, painterly line forms in swelling waves, maps of respiration, portraits of living. Also included in this exhibition is a selection of works on paperpared-down compositions of acrylic and graphite featuring scrawled equations, notes, and poetic writings, which provide further insight to mathematics' biographical potential.