3: A Group Exhibition : Kris Hargis, Stephen O'Donnell & Laura Ross-Paul

5 December 2017 - 13 January 2018


Froelick Gallery is proud to present a curated group exhibition of represented artists titled 3. These new small bodies of work are the results of rigorous individual studio practices and varied technical and thematic approaches; but their commonality is in the clear dedication to their work and their affection for their chosen materials. 

Kris Hargis makes arresting self portraits that invite the viewer into a private, internal space. His pastel and charcoal drawings walk a line between focused rendering and expressive, gestural marks and erasures which converge in a deeply compelling whole. 

Laura Ross-Paul's paintings are the result of much exploration into the depiction of light. Melding the varied qualities of oil, watercolor, and cold wax techniques to represent light- here, falling across the shoulders of the knowing figures which are her subjects, making backlit halos of their hair, filtering through expressionistic forested backdrops.

Stephen O'Donnell's group of small-scale portraits of animals and birds are nothing short of astounding. He shows us impossibly fine details of feathers and fur - and the shiny, precious pieces of jewelry with which each of his subjects interacts.