Gwen Davidson: Monoliths

17 July - 31 August 2019

"Oregon coast monoliths preserve the wildness of the place; their immensity makes the efforts of mankind seem small. Their great age proves strength and endurance, and their presence makes the hard power of the ocean evident as it crashes against them.

The Irish find a mystical power in stones, naming coastal monoliths and repeating ancient stories associated with them. They preserve Celtic standing stones and stone circles with reverence for the old beliefs. Local people recognize the Ogham inscriptions on standing stones as the first Irish writing, before the Roman Latin alphabet. They easily read the roles of the stones in the circles, such as sentries, male, female, recumbent altar.

This exhibition is in memory of my mother and our Irish heritage, and in memory of my friend Nancy Couderc who last walked with me on the beach in Brookings." Gwen Davidson, 2019