Sadé Duboise

Sadé DuBoise is a self-taught artist with an upbringing in North Portland, OR. She was inspired to draw like her father - treasuring their short time together when he would visit during her childhood. This created intimate moments of sharing their sketches together. Her mother saw this desire and talent early on and made a point of putting her in after-school programs that tended to her creativity.


During the four years of her painting career, DuBoise has focused on portraiture and landscape with an affinity for capturing black women in all their glory, beauty, and vulnerability. Eyes are truly windows to the soul and is why she pays special attention to them. When you first look at a DuBoise painting, their gaze will generally be the first thing you meet. Bold color, lush floral backgrounds, and all shades of melanin under the sun - deepest purples and charcoal browns to tan olives and eggshell whites, are present.


DuBoise just finished painting the historic portrait and mural of Justice Nelson for the Adrienne C. Nelson High School opening in Fall 2021, commissioned through the North Clackamas District of Oregon. She recently completed the Regional Arts & Cultural Council Support Beam residency, a CARES funded public art commission and grant, and was a recipient of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Black Lives Matter Artist Grant program. DuBoise is also a fully funded Equity Scholar slated to attend the Pacific Northwest College of Art’s Painting program beginning Fall 2021.