Alfred Harris - The Twilight Exits - new mixed media paintings
Barry Pelzner - Two Kinds of Light - New Drawings

February 1 - February 23, 2005

Alfred Harris’ 20 year oeuvre spanning source material from the written word to figurative drawing presents from a core concept of abstraction. With this exhibit we find him shredding once-organized compositions, reassembling them under glossed resin and allowing pure formal appreciation.

Black and white still life drawings by Barry Pelzner give proof to his highly tuned eye and hand. He chooses no narrative link for these conte crayon drawings, but rather startling congruity of simple objects. The artist has not presented a major group of still life works in more than 10 years; even more rare is a full series in black and white. Refined influences guide his stark compositions: the 2 light sources in his attic studio, and poetry by Richard Wilbur.