Clown Show: A Juried Group Exhibition
June 1 - June 23, 2004

Mention clown to anyone and you’ll probably get strong and unique reactions. The word conjures many historical characters: jester, mime, harlequin, fool, and trickster. Oddly, the clown often has the ability to simultaneously project both pathos and glee. It seems impossible to exactly define the essence of the clown: the Oxford dictionary simply notes comic entertainer. Some clowns use slapstick, some are buffoons, some are acrobatic, some are sad, some play gags, some project social/political humor, some evangelize for their religion, some are simply light entertainment for children. This fertile subject is ripe for artistic reflection, especially with the Rose Festival coming to town.

Froelick Gallery placed an open call-to-artists requesting images of clown art and we received a broad range of responses. The exhibit includes approximately 50 artists from around the country, and one from Thailand. Some of the artists have never exhibited in Portland or used a clown in their work, while others have interpreted the idea extensively. Unlike collections of memorabilia or thrift-store art, this exhibition presents original paintings, photographs, drawings, limited edition prints, sculpture, and craft representing myriad views of this complex icon.

Exhibiting artists include: Bob Abbot, Katherine Ace, M.J. Anderson, Jim Archer, Paul Arensmeyer, Nancy Azara, Rick Bartow, Eric Bashor, Harry Bennett, Brian Borrello, Sharon Bronzan, Joel Castro, Tom Cramer, Laurie Danial, Phyllis Davidson, Matthew Dennison, Simone Gad, Robert Gamblin, Gene Gill, Gregory Grenon, Kris Hargis, Sarah Israelit, Beth John, Mary Josephson, Brian Kershisnik, Connie Kiener, Kelly Kievit, Heidi Kirkpatrick, Cynthia Lahti, Gabriel Liston, Jeremy Longstreet, Nat Meade, Alan Mevis, Tanya Miller, Marjorie Moore, Norma Morell, Tamara Mullen, Marguerite Nicosia-Torres, Stephen O'Donnell, Shanon Playford, Tom Prochaska, Ben Rosenberg, Laura Ross-Paul, Sandy Roumagoux, Christine Sale, Michael Schultheis, Susan Seubert, Martina Shenal, Harry Stinson, Melinda Thorsnes, Claudio Tschopp,James Ulrich, Morgan Walker, Grace Weston, and Richard Wynne.