Sarah Horowitz
Briar Roses
August 30 - September 28, 2013

Froelick Gallery presents Briar Roses, an exhibition of ink drawings on paper by Portland artist Sarah Horowitz. Referring in her title to one of a wealth of folktales in which plants and flowers play a pivotal role, Horowitz removes her botanical subjects from their expected place of pleasant banality and imbues them with the potency and character of those stories. Drawn in black, white or vermillion ink on a variety of dyed and stained handmade papers, these plants could be near-sentient guardians inhibiting our view or movement, or guides indicating the right path or leading us astray. With origins in traditional botanical drawing, these delicate renderings transcend mere observation- they bristle with a sense of gesture and emotion that suggests portraiture. As well, Horowitz makes parallels between the human condition and the life cycle of these plants, marked by complex tangles, tenacious- sometimes violent- striving for limited resources and surprising flourishes of beauty.