Benny Fountain
Kitchen Paintings
April 3 - April 28, 2012

First Thursday reception
April 5th, 2012
open until 8:00pm

Benny Fountain

Froelick Gallery is pleased to present our first solo exhibit by Benny Fountain. This body of work, Kitchen Paintings, is an exercise in dedication to one setting and a revelation of the value of honed focus. Fountain’s choice of a seemingly banal domestic view is reflective of his belief that the mundane can contain endlessly satisfying visual experiences. He distills surfaces to sun or shadow-washed fields of fluid, earthen hues while peopling countertops and cupboards with vibrantly colored objects- thermoses, decanters, teakettles- that shine with bright points of reflected light. In a subseries within this exhibit are a number of paintings titled Heating Water. In these, Fountain depicts the light of a stove top as a striking ice-blue haze; a small, mesmerizing stroke that emanates a palpable white heat. In his view, the act of painting is a form of play and exploration; a sloughing off of the anxiety, distraction and fatigue of the everyday; a lucid time in which the world presents itself in its truer form, ready to be captured by the artist.