Charles Dazler Knuff - Patterns and Memories
July 20 - August 28, 2010

Charles Dazler Knuff - _i_Patterns and Memories__i_
Froelick Gallery is excited to announce Charles Dazler Knuff’s first ever sculpture exhibit and first solo exhibit in Portland. Patterns and Memories is the culmination of a lifetime of disparate experiences and investigations into art making. Dazler Knuff’s bronze sculptures exhibit a keen sense of composition, humor, surface and patina. Julie Sasse, Chief Curator at the Tucson Museum of Art, writes in her monograph: “Inspired by the metaphoric and lyrical content derived from literature and music, Dazler Knuff creates sophisticated three dimensional works drawn from the cast metal relics of an industrial age.” Comprised of elements found and collected throughout his life, each piece is an amalgamation of memories, story telling and visual balance.

Born in New York City in 1949, Charles Dazler Knuff brings to his art the perspective and maturity forged by the path his life has taken. Starting as an art and photography student in New York during late ‘60s he then pursued independent studies under Bert Stern and Irving Schild, leading to an internship with Richard Avedon and exposure to emerging pop and avant garde painters of the period. Migrating to Southern California in the late ‘70s he began to focus on technology design. He renewed his painting in the late ’90s and began his pursuit of sculpture in late 2001.