Two of A Kind
a portrait exhibit of photographers and painters
June 1 - July 17, 2010

_b_Two of A Kind__b_
Guest curated by Leo Michelson, Two of A Kind pairs 17 photographers with 17 painters who created a portrait of the other.

"I wanted to do a show at Froelick Gallery because of the great space. As Mr. Froelick rejected my first idea, I was determined to come up with something he would connect with. I like group shows with a theme, so I thought of a Portrait Show, with a twist - photographers and painters observing each other. This was late in 2008. Charles liked the idea. Then I made lists pairing male and female; many not knowing each other. Some I didn’t know either, but knew their work. I thought some of their styles would not really clash, but they might work differently. After some dropping out due to moves outside of the area, it all came together. The final images are finally in and Charles and I are both very excited about the artistic endeavor and results of each and every one of the artists. We are very appreciative."
Leo Michelson