Rick Bartow - Snake Dance
Michael Schultheis - Wings of Apollonius

September 1 - September 26, 2009

Froelick Gallery proudly presents Rick Bartow’s tenth solo exhibit, Snake Dance. Bartow is a highly accomplished visual artist with an extensive resume spanning three decades and four continents. His work encompasses multiple disciplines, from drawing and painting to wood carving and dry point etching.
For this exhibit, Bartow found inspiration in the Hopi ritual of the Snake Dance. The Snake Dance is a metaphor for dealing with issues while having both feet on the ground. A recent illness and recovery had a profound effect on Bartow, leaving him no choice but to face difficult decisions head on. The imagery of the Snake Dance quickly transformed to more abstract motion and color, even further so than previous work. Bartow says of this shift, “I found and continue to find that nothing is really as I thought it once was and what was is now irrevocably past tense.”

We are excited to present Wings of Apollonius, Michael Schultheis’ fifth solo exhibit at Froelick Gallery. Likening the canvas to a chalkboard, Michael creates acrylic paintings consisting of layers of mathematical notations and drawings that describe the form and motion of three-dimensional geometric shapes. Inspired by a myriad number of sources, his paintings explore form, content and the narrative that develops between them on the canvas.
Wings of Apollonius pays homage to Apollonius of Perga (262-190 BC), also known as The Great Geometer. His famous treatise on Conic Sections revolutionized the way we see modern geometry, especially the parabola, the ellipse and the hyperbola. Schultheis floats these geometric functions between ephemeral layers of color and motion, creating dynamic paintings of sublime quietude.