Tom Prochaska - Inside Out
Claudio Tschopp - Cabinet of Natural Curiosities

September 29 - November 14, 2009

Tom Prochaska - _i_Inside Out__i__br_
Claudio Tschopp - _i_Cabinet of Natural Curiosities__i_
Inside Out refers to the two methods by which Tom Prochaska finds inspiration for his artwork. An inveterate fisherman, Tom realized that his favorite fishing spot was also his favorite painting spot. Returning again and again to the same ground to paint the same trees became a ritual, but always with unexpected results. Like the Impressionist Claude Monet, Prochaska found the varying light and changing weather on a well-known motif irresistible. The familiar copse of trees takes on a different character whether draped in the misty fog of an autumn morning or shimmering in the harsh sunlight of mid-day summer. As a counterpoint to the outward looking landscape paintings, Prochaska has also developed a stunning series of mostly black and white acrylic paintings; all inspired by the inward eye, memory and invented narrative. Characters are shrouded in a monochromatic haze, staging ambiguous situations and interactions.

The title of Claudio Tschopp's latest exhibit, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, is pulled from the 18th century natural history book by Albertus Seba. Seba's illustrations depict plants and animals removed from their natural environment and placed on a neutral background, an innovative approach at the time.
Claudio Tschopp’s oil paintings are examinations of the built environment interfering with the natural world. With his unique palette and cool modernist aesthetic, Tschopp embraces an energetic painting style. Tschopp realizes that animals can have a universal meaning despite disparate cultures. The regal lion retains that anthropomorphic distinction with African tribesmen as well as American school children; the playful monkeys are tricksters and also human stand-ins throughout the world.