Kevin Kadar - Evanescent
March 3 - April 18, 2009

Kevin Kadar’s seventh solo exhibit at Froelick Gallery, Evanescent is an exploration of real and imagined landscapes. Kadar expertly interprets the delicate light of a French countryside and the splendor of a Mediterranean paradise. Painting with oils, enamels, acrylics and ink washes on a variety of papers and panels, Kadar offers a fleeting glimpse of his imagination and environment. During his travels throughout Western Europe, Kadar found inspiration and kinship with the landscape masters, painters such as Constable, Turner and Corot. Studying their work in the museums of France, Italy and Portugal, Kadar adopted many of their approaches: theatrical lighting, intense weather phenomena and dramatic composition take precedence over direct observation and literal documentation. Kadar’s paintings are imbued with a timeless, otherworldly quality only found in ones dreams and imaginations.