Katherine Ace - Creation / Chaos
Sally Finch - Mistakes Were Made

December 2, 2008 - January 3, 2009

In Creation/Chaos, Katherine Ace's third solo exhibit at Froelick, she draws parallels found throughout disparate culture’s creation myths, as well as secular beliefs such as the Big Bang theory. In each story there is an element of chaos and turmoil that in turn generates life. This act of creation through chaos guides Ace’s paintings; seemingly ordered, traditional still-lifes belie the hectic compositions simmering just under the surface. Heaps of crumpled newspapers on window ledges peer out to pastoral landscapes, while at the same time screaming headlines of catastrophe, disasters and calamity. Fruits and flowers mingle on a pebble strewn river-bank while reflections of the Milky Way shine in the tranquil water. These paintings of creation myths are figurative representations of our contemporary society. Natural and man-made disasters, while horrific, can lend themselves to rebirth and life.

Mistakes Were Made, also Sally Finch's third solo exhibit at Froelick, is comprised of two separate but related bodies of work drawn from two sources: War Music uses passages from Christopher Logue’s novel of the same name and Mistakes Were Made chronicles US Armed Forces casualties from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars from 2002 to present.
As a newly minted citizen of the United States, Finch felt compelled to acknowledge her ownership in her country’s involvement in the Middle East, whether she agreed with it or not. Through a meticulous process of recording each soldier’s name, age, date of death and their hometown, Finch has fashioned a memorial to honor the individual while laying bare the enormity of the losses. By highlighting each name and color coding each month’s losses patterns emerge, creating an ethereal element to the composition.