Matthew Dennison - Permutation
Sarah Horowitz - Aestivation

October 1 - November 1, 2008

Permutation is an amazing collection of Matthew Dennison’s newest and most irreal works to date. While maintaining his signature exploration of human interaction and reflection, Dennison offers an even greater focus on social commentary. His compositions present anachronistic moments; many with palpable interpersonal tensions. This series bounces from his more familiar colorful and bright environments to the new striking observations. Uncanny realism invades these canvases with each new scenario lending an eerie mood and appearance of unexplained phenomena- seemingly close to photo journalism of political protests. Architecture and its landscape still take prominence in his paintings, as seen in an image of a couple tending a barren field, another presents a house flying upside down through the air.

Aestivation, Sarah Horowitz’s third solo exhibit at Froelick Gallery, is a beautifully mastered set of new works by Horowitz which reflects her very personal relationship with her environment and materials. Focusing on complex organic forms as vehicles for exploring composition, line, and mark, she observes the plants from life in an attempt to capture a sense of gesture and emotion. Horowitz captures the slightest of details within her subject matter, from the rich and vibrant characteristics of the sunflower to the quiet elegance of an artichoke blossom, invoking delicate and ghostly imagery. Drawing with a quill pen and ink gives her an intimacy with the sensitivity of each line, the velvety blackness of the sumi ink and the way it plays on the surface of the paper. Horowitz’s techniques and materials clearly show her close relationship with the organic subject matter: her primary media are handmade Japanese papers and inks made with persimmon, oak, iron, and soot.