René Rickabaugh - Birds, Vessels and Paintings
São Paulo printmakers:
Claudio Mubarac & Marco Buti

September 2 - September 27, 2008

Birds, Vessels & Paintings, René Rickabaugh's first solo exhibit at Froelick Gallery, extends his mastery of intricate watercolor painting into the realm of sculpture. Using a blend of delicate craftsmanship, intuitive construction techniques and traditional painting processes, Rickabaugh creates wildly plumaged birds and exquisitely decorated vessels. With byzantine wings and rococo head-crests, the highly imaginative aviary is posed in all of its resplendent glory. Rickabaugh’s vessels, a mix of epoxy and resin, are no less glorious in their meticulously painted surface. Recalling the rich floral patterns of the 15th century Mille Fleur style tapestry, each vessel is adorned with a multitude of delicate flowers, snaking vines and plump berries.

The São Paulo Printmakers exhibit has been organized by Christy Wyckoff, Printmaking Department Chair at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, and features works by two distinguished artists from São Paulo, Brazil.