Ritsuko Ozeki - Slumber
Robert Yoder - Action Painting!

August 5 - August 30, 2008

Ritsuko Ozeki uses multiple print techniques such as lift ground etching and aquatint to achieve her distinctive graphic images. Her current body of work focuses on the dream state achieved between wakefulness and deep sleep. The hot, humid summers of her native Tokyo, Japan make sleeping difficult, so daily life transpires in a drowsy haze. Ozeki’s imagery distills the essence of this waking dream and captures the moment when the brain moves into the realm of imagination. Her large-scale prints express the memory of dark and light found in the cognitive dissonance of these cerebral landscapes.

Action Painting! is a richly humorous take on the art movement of the late 1950s. Refering to his vinyl and graphite works on paper as paintings, Robert Yoder cleverly subverts their inherent physical qualities. Instead, he imbues each collage with a sense of doom, as they abstractly depict dangerous events such as avalanches, car crashes or even irritating musical recitals. The original Action Painters filled their canvases with piles of paint, scraffito and wildly chaotic brushstrokes. Yoder pokes fun at this highly emotive creative process, instead choosing to punctuate his works on paper with thoughtful, methodical compositions.