Michael Schultheis - The Villarceau Series
Lli Wilburn - Interstate Bridge

December 1 - December 29, 2007
First Thursday reception
December 6, 2007

Michael Schultheis - _i_The Villarceau Series__i_ _br_Lli Wilburn - _i_Interstate Bridge__i_
As a trained mathematician, Michael Schultheis has the ability to bridge the narrow gap between science and the arts. Michael draws inspiration for his paintings from a myriad of sources, including contemporary artists and 19th century mathematicians. His expressive, atmospheric acrylic paintings are imbued with a mysterious energy usually reserved for religious tableaus or devotional objects.
In The Villarceau Series, Michael continues his exploration of Toroidal shapes with the inspiration of Villarceau’s Circles – the discovery made in 1848 by Yvon Villarceau which determined that if one were to slice a Toroid (a donut shape) diagonally, two intersecting circles are formed.

Interstate Bridge marks Lli Wilburn's 9th solo exhibit with Froelick Gallery. Lli continues to create intimate portraits of the Portland landscape rarely seen. Her paintings capture the quiet reflection of areas most people only see as they whiz by in their automobiles. This most recent body of work focuses on the Interstate Bridge; her serene paintings belie the sensory experience of walking across such a heavily used interstate highway: traffic noise and car exhaust, the vibration of thousands of vehicles zooming by are all silenced by the crisp lines and vibrant colors of her panel paintings.