Rick Bartow From The Shinpukuji Portfolio
Kris Hargis To The Woodshed

October 30 - November 27, 2007
First Thursday reception
November 1, 2007
Reception with the Artists
Friday, November 2, 2007

Rick Bartow _i_From The Shinpukuji Portfolio__i__br_  
Kris Hargis _i_To The Woodshed__i_
Froelick Gallery is proud to present Rick Bartow in his ninth exhibit in our gallery. With From the Shinpukuji Portfolio Bartow focuses on the quieter aspects of his art making. Using handmade paper he acquired during a residency in rural Japan, Bartow illustrates a range of small birds, coyotes and his interpretations of Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical drawings. The coyote appears through a mixture of Native American mythos, first-hand experience and metaphorically as man, always hungry, always searching. The bird drawings are quiet, but figure prominently. Rick says, “These little birds are everywhere, they are survivors. Every place I travel has these little birds, filling a niche of the environment that many people ignore.”

Borrowing a phrase used by improvisational jazz musicians, Kris Hargis returns To the Woodshed to hone his artistic chops. Between the emotive mark-making and constrained use of color, his self-imposed isolation has paid off. His self-portraiture comes alive with an animated line quality reminiscent of the Expressionist Egon Schiele, while still-lifes of hauntingly decayed flowers are sweetly sorrowful. Hargis’ effusive compositions are balanced with the quiet solitude of self-reflection.