Leiv Fagereng Golden States
Kelly Kievit Tug

September 4 - September 25, 2007

For his first solo exhibit, Golden States, at Froelick Gallery, Leiv Fagereng combines overtly eroticized larger-than-life size figurative painting with depictions of the romantic landscape of the Pacific Northwest and a healthy dose of pop culture references.
Fagereng’s work can best be described as Rococo Pop. His oil paintings grow from Pop-art sensibilities, but with so much exuberance and verve, one is reminded of the boisterous painters of the 18th century surpassing their Baroque predecessors.

In Tug, Kelly Kievit continues her singular painting technique of oil, marble dust and collage on canvas. This approach opens up myriad possibilities for interpretation of her work. At once quiet and bold, each painting is infused with layers of tactile memory, suppressed familiarity and direct observation. Her abstraction grows from a need to subtly transform a personal experience into a universal one.